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from $440.00

The Bose L1 Pro32 Portable Line Array System with the Sub2 Powered Bass Module is a professional audio system designed for live sound reinforcement and high-quality audio performance. This system combines a line array speaker with a dedicated subwoofer for a comprehensive and powerful sound solution.

Bose Pro L - 32 Sound System


The L1 Pro32 is a compact portable line array speaker delivering clear balanced sound across wide areas

Vertical line array design improves sound dispersion

Integrated mixer for various input sources with Bluetooth for wireless streaming and control

Ideal for weddings receptions and special events

The Sub2 complements the L1 Pro32 with deep impactful low-frequency reinforcement

High-performance powered subwoofer with advanced DSP

Connects seamlessly with the L1 Pro32 for integrated audio setup

Compact and portable design for easy transport and setup

The L1 Pro32 and Sub2 are portable suitable for live performance and event scenarios

Line array speaker and subwoofer combination versatile for live music corporate events conferences and more

Bose's commitment to audio quality delivers clear powerful sound with even coverage

Bluetooth connectivity and Bose's Tone Match mixers for wireless control and convenience in audio adjustments.


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