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Perth, Western Australia

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Functions & Events Co is the premier platform for your event solutions, merging a vast array of services into a singular digital experience for event organisers right across Perth WA.

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Our premier Karaoke Machine and Jukebox Hire services in Perth transform gatherings into unforgettable affairs. Enjoy a digital jukebox with a touch screen interface and a vast, ever-evolving music library, ensuring every taste is catered to. Immerse guests in crystal-clear audio delivered by a powerful sound system, making every beat resonate. Designed to create lasting memories. From nostalgic classics to chart-topping hits, we have the perfect soundtrack for your event, guaranteeing it becomes the talk of the town. Let loose, sing along, and make your celebration truly special with our premium service!

Jukebox / Karaoke Hire


Christmas: Perfect for holiday gatherings allowing people to sing along to their favorite Christmas tunes

2000’s: A selection of popular songs from the 2000s providing a nostalgic trip for those who enjoy the music of that era

70’s 80's 90's: These decades are often rich in iconic music across various genres

2010's: Featuring hits from the 2010s this category is ideal for those who want more recent songs that still carry a sense of nostalgia

Current: A category that includes the latest and most popular songs ensuring that your jukebox is up to date with current music trends

Background Music: Perfect for creating a pleasant atmosphere without the need for active singing - This option allows users to enjoy music without engaging in karaoke

Top 40: A selection of the current top hits ensuring that the jukebox stays in line with the latest chart-topping tracks

Country: For fans of country music this category provides a dedicated space for enjoying and singing along to country tunes

Search by Title: Users can easily find and select their favorite songs by entering the title

Search by Artist: allows users to explore and choose songs from a specific artist

Random Selection: The random selection option adds an element of surprise and variety to the karaoke experience.


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