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Perth, Western Australia

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Functions & Events Co is the premier platform for your event solutions, merging a vast array of services into a singular digital experience for event organisers right across Perth WA.

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Functions & Events Co has established a strong and reliable presence in the entertainment industry, specifically focusing on karaoke DJ services and high-quality jukebox rentals. With a remarkable 25 years in the industry, Functions & Events Co brings an abundance of knowledge and expertise, specializing in delivering top-notch entertainment services for a diverse array of events.

Karaoke DJ


Elevate your events with our dual offerings of high-quality jukeboxes and dynamic DJ karaoke services

From 5 to 99 years

we embrace a wide demographic

making our services universally appealing to a broad range of audiences

Functions & Events Co establishes itself as a reliable and seasoned provider of entertainment services for a wide spectrum of events

We take pride in building a positive reputation and nurturing long-term relationships with our esteemed clients


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