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from $660.00

A mirror booth, also known as a magic mirror or A mirror selfie booth, is a unique and interactive photo booth that adds a touch of innovation and entertainment to events and parties. Unlike traditional photo booths, mirror booths use a reflective surface, often resembling a full-length mirror, combined with advanced technology to capture and print photos.

Mirror Booths


Mirror booths have a built-in touch screen for guiding the photo-taking process

Guests can customise photos with filters stickers and text

Distinctive full-length mirror design adds surprise and elegance

Some equipped with gesture and voice activation for hands-free operation

Variety of templates and backgrounds for personalised branding or themed designs

Instant photo printing for immediate gratification at events

Digital sharing options via email or social media for easy memory sharing

Touch-free options for health and safety

Popular at weddings corporate parties birthday celebrations and trade shows

Customisable for corporate events and product launches with branding elements

Printed photos serve as memorable keepsakes for guests.


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