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from $880.00

A 360 photo booth is an interactive photo booth that allows users to capture 360-degree images or videos, creating an immersive and panoramic visual experience. These booths are popular for various events and entertainment purposes and offer a unique way to capture and share moments.

Sky 360 Video Booth


The primary function of a 360 photo booth is to capture images or videos from all angles for a complete immersive view

Equipped with a camera on an arm for a 360-degree capture

Users can select different backgrounds or scenes for their images or videos

Live previews on a screen during capture for real-time adjustments

Instant viewing of 360-degree images or videos on a large screen after capture

Easy digital sharing of 360-degree content via social media email or other platforms

Popular at weddings parties trade shows corporate events and marketing activations

Incorporates branding elements for businesses like custom backgrounds watermarks or logo overlays

Users receive digital copies or printouts as souvenirs

Known for creating immersive and engaging content offering a unique way to capture and share moments in 360 degrees.


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