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from $110.00

The Stanton C.501 Dual Rack Mount CD Player with MP3 Playback is affordable and ideal for professional DJs. This C.501 plays CDs, CD-Rs and MP3 discs and features an anti-shock buffer and jogwheel control. This dual rack mount also features pitch adjustment, an Auto Cue function, Fader Start function, Relay Play capability and S/PDIF digital output.

Stanton C.501 Pro CD Player


This dual rackmount CD player features full MP3 playback

20 second anti-shock buffer prevents CDs from skipping

Easy to use jogwheel controls over pitch bend/frame search

Scans tracks quickly with +10 Track skip search

Pitch adjustment with +/-4

8 and 16% control

Auto Cue function cues track to start of music

Fader Start function and Relay Play capability

S/PDIF digital output


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